Welcome to NFTE’s Volunteer Homepage

Marcia L. Tyler
Director, Volunteer & Alumni Programs

I am pleased to welcome you to our volunteer homepage.

Our volunteers’ service and support are so important to the  more than 500,000 young people whom we have helped over the years through our entrepreneurship program. Because of our volunteers’ and supporters’ willingness to share their professional expertise, time, and donations, we are able to help shape the future of thousands of low-income youth.

With volunteer help and participation, we guide young people along the pathway of entrepreneurship education. We teach them financial literacy. We teach them how to combine ingenuity with analysis and discipline with creativity to develop successful business plans as well as the self-confidence to follow their dreams and aspirations.

We invite you to join us as we continue our volunteer efforts to actualize our mission.

Our principal volunteer opportunities

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities at our program offices nationwide and globally. The following four volunteer opportunities are our principal positions:

Our policies and procedures for volunteers

Volunteers receive our official Volunteer Handbook: Polices & Procedures, which simplifies the relationship between volunteers and the organization. The handbook provides essential information about volunteer rights and responsibilities, and we request that all of our volunteers read this important resource.

Our commitment to the NFTE volunteer experience

We developed an assortment of volunteer resources—training guides, policies and procedures, orientation, and more—to ensure that the NFTE volunteer experience is rewarding and successful for our volunteers, students, and program managers. From the volunteer orientation to the first day of an assignment or to a reassignment, our program managers are there for volunteers, offering support and guidance.

Download our volunteer orientation guide.

Our online volunteer system is secure and simple

We make volunteering at our organization simple. Interested individuals need only click on a program office link and then click the “new volunteer application” button on that volunteer page to get started. Our Volunteer Instructions is an easy-to-follow guide, and our online volunteer system is safe and secure.

Our local program offices and licensed partners

You can volunteer at one of our 12 local program offices. Clicking on a program office link takes you to its volunteer page, which has information about the NFTE Program Model, students, and related details.

Bay Area
DC Region
North Texas
Greater Los Angeles
New England
New York Metro

South Florida
St. Louis

*Fairfield County, CT & Westchester County, NY

Learn about our national and international licensed partners.

Our corporate volunteers’ logins

EY corporate volunteers click here to log in. Citi corporate volunteers click here to log in.

Our corporate supporters

The generous donations that we receive from our corporate supporters are, without question, vital to the success of our program. Several of our corporate supporters donate not only money, but also employees for their time. View our list of supporters. Find out how you can become a NFTE supporter… and thank you!