The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s World Series of Innovation is a fun, experiential activity that allows students to think creatively and invent new products or services that address every-day opportunities. All students are encouraged to participate to develop their creativity and innovative thinking skills - and win some amazing prizes.


Each team of at least two (2) students will select one of our many innovation challenges and come up with a new, unique, innovative product or service to address that market niche.   Show us how the product or service will impact people’s lives on a day to day basis and how you will get the word out about your great new innovation.   SUBMISSION DEADLINE November 17, 2015 


Download our TOOLKIT today and start planning! 


2015-16 Challenge Categories are:



School Improvement App Challenge


Bottled Water Brand Challenge

Business Builder App Challenge





Mentor Momentum Challenge


Volunteer for Change Challenge


Safe & Secure Digital Payments Challenge

The website at will be up soon for you to register and begin your submissions!


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