Hariella Lawson & Desiree Michel
TeenWork – Brooklyn, NY
Hariella L & Desiree M TeenWorksTeenWork is a mobile app that assists teenagers with finding summer opportunities such as internships, volunteer work, clubs or enrichment programs.  Hariella, co-founder of TeenWork, tells us “60% of American teenagers find themselves not involved in any summer programs or other opportunities.  This inspired me to take action and not only make a change [for myself], but make changes for my generation.”  Not only did TeenWork save them from the summer-doldrums but the girls tell us their experiences within the NFTE program ended up teaching them a lot.  Desiree found that “flexibility [was] essential when challenged with a problem.” And Hariella echoed that with an “economy that is always changing, [we] need to be prompt when adjustments are thrown at us.”  Both girls intend to go to college; Desiree is looking forward to taking classes which will help her perfect her public speaking skills and Hariella plans to major in international business/relations and dreams of becoming Secretary General to the United Nations.
“Life is happening right now.”