Isabella Lovain
Help Ignite Progress - Alexandria, VA
Isabella L Help Ignite ProgressIsabella Lovain had always felt an internal drive to set right the wrongs of the world; feeling a deep empathy for those who faced daily injustice and discrimination, she struggled with feelings of frustration over her seeming helplessness.  But then her friend (and NFTE Alumni/2014 NYEC Participant), Abby Hamilton, encouraged her to apply to the NFTE BizCamp in D.C. and inspired her to stick it out when she became discouraged in the first few days.  “I [soon] realized that creating a business is an amazing, inspiring, and unique way to address the problems in the world,” she tells us.  Help Ignite Progress (or HIP) became the result of this realization for Isabella: a curriculum designed to increase social knowledge about current events and discrimination.  Because she herself doesn’t have just one issue that speaks to her most, HIP in kind doesn’t just focus on one type of injustice but on injustice as a whole.  This holistic approach gives schools the opportunity to purchase the curriculum and tailor it towards the topics that they want discussed in their classrooms.  “Awareness is the first step to making a change,” insists Isabella.  “By teaching students about these issues and encouraging them to make a difference, Help Ignite Progress can encourage an inspired and informed generation to come.”    Isabella plans to study international relations in college and remains dedicated to a life spent fighting social injustice.
“No matter what you do, no matter what you love- you can make it into a business that matters to you and to the world.”