NFTE Venture
NFTE Venture is NFTE
's first digital program module that can seamlessly supplement NFTE classroom programs and be used as a stand-alone program in any school.  Our partner for development and distribution is EverFi, a leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing and certifying students in critical skills.  EverFi has a 12-year track record of developing and bringing to market digital education programs that produce gains in student knowledge and positive change in student attitudes.

Venture is a high-impact, personalized, 21st century learning tool that teaches students how to think entrepreneurially and to see business as a viable and accessible path to lifelong success.  This 6-hour online experience provides an introduction to entrepreneurship concepts, skills, and attitudes with the goal of enticing students to further explore creating their own enterprise through NFTE or other resources. The course is framed around a highly-engaging and youth-relevant business startup simulation – the creation of a new food truck.

The Venture experience combines:

  • Simulation-based virtual reality experiences where students can engage with entrepreneurial thinking at a deep level, such as by “walking” through neighborhoods, interacting with businesses, and other activities that put them into the shoes of an entrepreneur. 
  • Opportunities for students to test assumptions and trouble-shoot when confronted with obstacles or adverse results of decisions.  This aspect, when combined with virtual experiences, enhances problem solving and critical thinking skills – key skills that entrepreneurs use every day.
  • Basic entrepreneurship concepts explained through the integration of instructional content in an exploratory environment where students respond to questions and interact with learning objects to discover information while completing knowledge assessments.

Watch the NFTE Venture Demo Video (December 2013) from EverFi on Vimeo.

Make Your Job
The Citi Foundation and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship have teamed up to help youth in 10 cities “make their own job” through the development of an entrepreneurial mindset critical to succeeding in a 21st century economy and  workforce. Additionally, resources for all young people interested in making their own jobs is available through a fun and engaging gaming experience at is a dynamic, youth-centered web experience that converts key aspects of NFTE’s entrepreneurship program into a game and rewards-based experience that demonstrates how to turn one’s hobby or interest into a business.  By offering our unique content, integrated online games and tools, access to expert video advice and a peer community to students for free, NFTE can reach a vast array of young who need help making their own jobs as they face a weak summer jobs market.

World Series of Innovation
NFTE's World Series of Innovation is a global educational experience that inspires students to think big about new businesses, products, or services. Real companies pose real problems, and thinkers age 14–24 propose innovative solutions. World Series of Innovation corporate partners have included Microsoft, The Coca Cola Company, Sean John, SAP, the Red Cross, Go Daddy, and others.  An Adjudicators' Choice and a People's Choice winner in each challenge category are chosen.

NFTE launched WSI  in 2011 as our official Global Entrepreneurship Week activity. Since then WSI has grown from just a few U.S. cities to a global educational experience that inspires students to embrace innovation. NFTE has issued 26 Innovation Challenges with more than 10,000 young people, 2,500+ educators, and 15 countries participating and more than 100,000 online votes cast; not including the challenges currently running at

Each fall the World Series of Innovation goes live in September, with submissions due in November during Global Entrepreneurship Week, and public voting in January.