Check out this broad range of positive impact among NFTE Alumni

NFTE's Impact

Our recently released Alumni Study found a broad range of positive impacts among NFTE Alumni (those who have completed NFTE programs or BizCamps). 

NFTE Alumni are more likely to:

Finish high school


NFTE Alumni over age 25.


U.S. overall, over age 25.

Continue their education


NFTE Alumni, age 16-24.


U.S. overall, age 16-24.

Be employed


NFTE Alumni, age 25-40.


U.S. overall, age 25-40.

Become their own boss


NFTE Alumni


U.S. overall

Bay Area-specific Impact: Knowledge Gains and Attitudinal Changes

Each year we conduct pre- and post-surveys to determine the impact our programs are having and to learn how we can better our work. Our 2011-2012 results showed positive knowledge gains and attitudinal changes.

At the end of the NFTE program, Bay Area students had:

A greater understanding of entrepreneurship
More confidence in the areas of public speaking
Critical thinking
Problem solving
A stronger belief that they had the personal tools to start a new business.