Startup Summer - New York Metro
at NYU StartED
Program Overview
In an effort to continually improve our services for graduates of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s (NFTE) core curriculum, Startup Summer (SUS) was developed by New York Metro as an advanced entrepreneurship track program. Startup Summer is a small business incubator that provides recent NFTE graduates with the resources and support to launch fully functional businesses. Startup Summer connects students to leaders from global organizations, fellow entrepreneurs, and industry experts to develop their skill sets in research, critical thinking, and communications.  Students are also matched with Business Mentors and Entrepreneurial Advisors for the duration of the program. 
Startup Summer is divided into five distinct phases
Orientation:  Students will attend a program orientation meeting with a parent or guardian, as well as two days of student team building exercises. (June)
Boot Camp:  Students will actively participate in an intensive, two week series of classroom sessions and guest speaking appearances in which students will learn the finer points of personal selling, marketing their product or service, record keeping, and daily operations so that they are equipped to launch their ventures. (July)
Summer Launch:  Students will meet for two days and one evening each week to participate in a variety of NFTE partner site visits and workshops, learn more about topics introduced during Boot Camp, and work through business development obstacles. Working closely with NFTE staff, individual mentors, and a team of business advisors, students work to make sales and to finalize the infrastructure of their businesses. (July-Aug)
School Year Follow-Up:  Students will continue to run their businesses and will meet for bi-weekly check-in sessions set to instructional and mentoring components. (Sept-Oct)
Investment Panel: Students will go before an investment panel to pitch their businesses and progress to date for venture capital funding. 



Download the Student Letter of Recommendation Form

All student applications and letters of recommendation (2 total) must be submitted by 5:00pm Friday, May 26, 2017. 
Early applications are welcome. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by Wednesday, May 31, 2017.



For more information, email us at
Who qualifies for the program?
-Any student that has graduated from a NFTE class - Entrepreneurship or Startup Tech - by the end of the 15-16 school year.  Applicants should be interested in launching their business, and becoming productive, assertive entrepreneurs. Priority is given to students who apply and take part in NFTE NY Metro's regional YEC competition. 
What will students learn during the program?
Students participating in Startup Summer acquire a vast array of skills and knowledge that help with the launch and management of their business. By focusing on personal selling, marketing their product or service, record keeping, and daily operations they transform into successful entrepreneurs in a matter of a few weeks. All SUS participants are able to build meaningful mentor-mentee relationships with professionals working in a variety of sectors who will support them through their operations. In addition, the SUS community is provided with the opportunity to learn from a host of successful entrepreneurs and startups through guest speaking lunches and field trips throughout the summer.
Will there be transportation or food provided?
Startup Summer will provide students with MetroCards to travel to and from the program’s sessions. Startup Summer will also provide breakfast and lunch to students during the summer bootcamp and Launch phase of the program. A calendar of dates is available upon request.
Can this program count as an internship credit in my high school? 
Startup Summer does count as an internship for several schools. Please email directly to connect us with your work based learning coordinator or guidance counselor.