The following individuals, corporations and foundations generously supported NFTE New York Metro's programs during fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015).



Carson Family Charitable Trust
Citi Foundation




New York Life Foundation

Henry Niles Foundation

State Street Foundation



Capital One Bank

Department of Youth and Community Development
MCJ Amelior Foundation
PIMCO Foundation
Pitney Bowes, Inc.

NYSE Euronext

The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation

Westchester County Youth Bureau
Wylie Wallace Fults Foundation



Ms. Shannah Albert

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Ms. Jessica Brondo Davidoff
The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation

Coca-Cola Foundation

Cornell Tech


Mr. Mark and Ana Danchak

Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Funck

Mr. Dave Gilboa

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Jessiman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Jones, III

The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education, Inc.

Long Island University – Brooklyn

Mr. David W. May

The Moody’s Foundation

McKinsey & Co.

Mr. Ben and Ana Sarly

Sam’s Club

State Farm

Ms. Audrey Weil

Wells Fargo Foundation

Ms. Holly B. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weinstein



Armstrong Partnership
The Arthur S. Doerner Foundation

Atkinson Family Foundation
Degna Spoldi Private Family Foundation

Ms. Emma Felipe Fernandez

Mr. Christopher Fralic

Ms. Nia Gandy

Ms. Jennifer Gilbert
The Jerold J. and Marjorie N. Principato Foundation, Inc.

Near and Far AID Foundation

The Northern Trust Company

Palantir Technologies, Inc.
People's United Community Foundation

Mr. Larry Quinlan

Santander Bank
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)
Successful Practices Network, Inc.

TD Charitable Foundation

Thomson Reuters Corporation

Mr. Bernhard Klein Wassink

Warby Parker
Xerox Foundation

Yonkers Industrial Development Agency

Zeldin Family Foundation


The Jeff and Barbara Erdmann Fund

Mr. Phillip Berney

Mr. and Mrs. William Knobloch

Lone Pine Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Ryan Sobeck

Eugenia M. Vecchio, Esq.

The Walsh Family Foundation

Webster Bank


Mr. Michael D. Armstrong

Mr. David D. Burrows

Ms. Jill Cress

Mr. and Mrs. Mark French

Mr. Gordon Gregoretti

Mr. Paul DeF. Hicks, Jr.

James M. Coogan Family Foundation

Mr. Louis C. Kirven, III

Mr. Erik Lisher

Mr. C. James MacGregor

Municipal Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Petrillo

Mr. David Pinchin

Ms. Lauren Rome

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Royce III

Mr. Dan Weisberg

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Weitzman

Under $1,000

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Adler

Mr. and Mrs. R. Howard Annin

Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Caron

Carter Morse & Mathias

Mr. Wiley Cerilli

Mr. Raiford Cockfield

Creative Sense, Inc.

Ms. Linda Cremin

Ms. Heidi Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DiMattia

Mr. Brian C. Donovan

Mr. Otis Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fanelli

Mr. and Mrs. William Ferdinand

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fleming

Mr. Ron Garrow

Mr. and Mrs. John Geoghegan

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gstalder

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hewitt

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hill

Mr. Richard Kearney

Key Bank

Kind, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Knox

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kraut

 Ms. Seema Kumar

Mr. James Lisher

Ms. Lauren Lisher

Ms. Ellen Lynch

Modell’s Sporting Goods
Mr. Martin Magida and Ms. Felicia Rubenstein

Ms. Lauren Mitchell

Mr. Frank Morse

Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Orr

Mr. Stephen Perry


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Radcliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rostov

Mr. G.J. Rubino

Rye Country Day School Entrepreneurship Club

Mr. John S. Santa

Mr. Antuan Santana

Mr. Greg Sauter

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Strackbein

Mrs. Yale Tauber

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Van Nostrand

Ms. Rose Velez-Smith

Ms. Jacqueline Walsh

West Elm Group

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Sturgis Woodberry