From Ian Altman:

How I Selected NFTE as the beneficiary:

I had the pleasure of participating this past year in 50 for NFTE - where 50 entrepreneurs visited schools for a week. The experience demonstrated how valuable NFTE is for our developing youth. I can think of no other organization more deserving of proceeds from a business book. The NFTE students discovered that they had to focus on areas where potential customers would see a gap or need. Upside-Down Selling illustrates that same principle in sophisticated, business to business sales and business development.

Why Did I Write Upside Down Selling?

Upside-Down Selling principles have had a dramatic impact for businesses across industries. In writing the book, I wanted to provide a concise, step-by-step guide to illustrate how to deliver an integrity-based sales approach to growing business. People often laugh at integrity and sales in the same sentence. Upside-Down Selling makes that all possible. It helps firms identify, guide, and direct individuals who can lead to extraordinary growth. The bonus chapter profiles a company that followed the exact steps of Upside-Down Selling and more than doubled their growth rate from 11% to more than 30% in just six months.