Geek2Chic: LA

May 12, 2012  |  37 comments

Thank you to all of the awesome tech entrepreneurs and others who took part as models in the Geek2Chic: LA. Read more about the exciting night, and see our tech entrepreneurs strut their stuff in this Vanity Fair article.

Thanks again to all of these geeks who turned chic...

Alan Silberberg, Gov 2.0 LA
Andrew Kirk, CitySourced
Brad Rehak, Big Block Industry
Christopher Prince Boucher, Follow the Prince
David Brody, North Social
Eric Kuhn, United Talent Agency
Evan White, Viddy
Ezra Butler, The Kernel
J.J. Kaye, Use All Five
Joaquin Horton: NFTE Alum, Fuzzy Stix
Jonathan Eppers, eHarmony
Kevin Arthofer, HUB LA
Latham ArnesonParamount Pictures

Lucas Bean, Hello Music
Matthew DiGirolamo, Cause Catalysts
Maynard Brown: NFTE Advisory Board Member, Crenshaw High School
Mike Colosimo, thrdPlace
Miles Beckett, EQAL
Myles Sutherland, ESRI
Peter Cherukuri, Huffington Post Media
Ryan Scott, CauseCast
Scott Kerfoot, Microsoft
Shahin & Shahrooz Kohan, AIMS360
Steven Mandzik, 1X57

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