Helping the World Run Better Together with NFTE

April 1, 2013  |  8 comments

The following is a Q&A with NFTE Bay Area Board Member Dean Sivara; Mr. Sivara is the Vice President of Ideation for the Global Business Incubator at SAP.

Why are you involved with NFTE?

I have been involved with NFTE for 2 years. The organization focuses on introducing entrepreneur principles to under-privileged kids, which is an excellent cause to promote technology and entrepreneurship to kids who don’t have many resources in their young lives.

What motivates you?

Helping young people obtain more insights into how to start a business. Helping young people achieve business goals and push towards entering college.

Why did you choose NFTE?

I like that NFTE is focused on helping kids from lower-income areas, who are mostly minority kids. It feels good to give back and try to help kids that don’t always have opportunities to grow their entrepreneurial skills.

What are your tasks in the projects?

SAP will work with the kids to consider different ideas, coach them on building a solid business plan and then evaluate them on their plan and prototype.

How much time do you need for the initiatives?

The competition starts in January, with the teachers introducing the Tech competition to their students. The final presentations will be conducted in June. Over the 6 months I will be providing 5-10 hours a month.  We will be looking for other SAP coaches to contribute in the March, April time frame, as we evaluate the various business plans and coach the kids.

Is there also a benefit for you in helping others?

Yes, not only the self-satisfaction, but also learning from young people about new trends and social tools and preferences.

Why is it worth to engage in a CSR project like this?

SAP colleagues should engage in a program like this because it helps build skills for the future that will help the economy. It also helps young people feel more confident and gain purpose to their lives.

Learning more about SAP’s CSR activities around the globe:

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