NFTE students present businesses at 2013 Babson Entrepreneurship Forum

November 15, 2013  |  3 comments

Five Hundred and fifty attendees, 24 speakers, 1,000 livestreaming audience, 6 NFTE “futurepreneurs”; today Babson College hosts its 12th annual Entrepreneurship Forum. Since launching in 2002, the Forum has brought together visionaries, innovators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to consider opportunities that will transform the world. The forum is a glimpse into the future through the eyes of the very people who are shaping it.

This year, the forum is launching a new initiative to showcase youth entrepreneurship: “Futurepreneurs.” Six teams of high school students will pitch their business ideas on stage. The six teams are all NFTE New England students. They and their ideas are:

Cheyenne Capobianco, T.U.F.F.

“T.U.F.F is an after school yoga and exercise program for staff members. The goal is to offer teachers a convenient way to relieve stress and stay healthy. We want all teachers feeling their best, as they work with the future of America every day.”

Oghomwen Ohenhen, Aerial Drones

“Aerial Drones has the incredible potential to revolutionize the way we live our lives. Its usefulness in commercial, industrial, and life-saving procedures makes it the top of its class in profit potential. When paired with good management and perseverance, it's a business that is sure to succeed.”

Victoria Parisi, Skilled Sitter

“Skilled Sitter will ensure the best care for a child who has one or more medical conditions. Not only will we provide the most excellent child care, but we will do our best to maintain a strong relationship with our customers.”


Kelly Szczerkowski & Sharon Soliz, Squinee

“Squinee is a wiper that goes on a key chain for quick accessibility. It is customizable and affordable. We are a 100% USA made company with a 100% USA made product. In the future we plan to be 100% go green because right now we are using recycled windshield wipers and plan on finding a recycled plastic material to make the base out of.”

Bryan Gillespie, Bus Assist

“Bus Assist is a way for students to know exactly where their school bus is in real time. It allows them to be safe and use their time correctly without missing the school bus. Our mission at Intellect, a greater Hartford company, is to provide education technology services through a human centered approach with design features that incorporate our behaviors and personalities throughout all our products and services.”

Nathan Hart, Hart for the Poor

“Hart for the Poor establishes ‘Community Transformation Centers’ in impoverished tropical areas that process locally grown coconuts bought at fair-trade prices to stimulate the local economy.”

You can watch the students present their businesses live here, pitches take place at 1:15 and 3:15 EST. The winning pitch will be announced by Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, at 4PM EST.

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