Voting now open for World Series of Innovation

November 11, 2013  |  9 comments

This year’s World Series of Innovation is the biggest and most competitive World Series we’ve ever held. Students from around the world had the opportunity to submit their innovation to 11 challenges, ranging from beverage marketing plans to new technologies for education, in the hopes of winning the grand prize.

Students from nine nations including Algeria, Haiti, Austria, Chile and Thailand – more than 700 entries overall – shared their innovations this year and could win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes in the challenges.

Now it’s your turn to check out the finalists and vote for your favorite. Voting is easy and, more importantly, fun!  Public voting to choose the winners begins today, November 11 and closes November 24.  Winners will be announced November 25.  Vote for your favorite at

Over the weekend, a Michigan team was surprised by their teacher with the announcement that their innovation made it to the finals. Check out the video below:

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When is the voting closed?

When is the voting closed?

Voting closes November 24.

Voting closes November 24.

Amazing video.

Amazing video. Congratulations.
Raven James

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