Youth Entrepreneurs in China Vie to Win the 2012 Bright China Entrepreneurial Spirit Award (BESA)

December 5, 2012  |  161 comments

An Update from NFTE’s licensed partner in China:

On November 8, the results of the 2012 Bright China Entrepreneurial Spirit Award (BESA) National Finals were announced in Beijing. The 15 outstanding competitors came from more than 100 alumni  in 10 city level and provincial level semi half competitions from around China, including: Taizhou, Ningbo, Changchun, Shanghai, Changzhou, Yantai, Harbin, Kunshan, Fuzhou, Lianyungang, Huaian and Hong Kong.

The business plans related to environmental protection, science and technology, catering, entertainment, traditional handicrafts and other fields. After a day of intensive competition, Liu Ting, from Huai’an Higher Vocational School of Biological Engineering, won the 2012 BESA National Finals with her business plan ‘Weekend Farmer’s Potted Cultural Vegetables.’

Liu Ting will now compete for the NFTE “Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year” representing China and has the opportunity to attend NFTE’s Dare to Dream Gala in New York City in April 2013.

The national final competition of 2012 BESA is sponsored by New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Ernst & Young PLL.

During the competition there are a series of other activities, including: 2012 Senior CET Outdoor Training, Survival Challenge Competition of 2012 BESA National Final, 2012 Senior CET Retreat, Alumni Project Display of 2012 BESA, Press Briefing, Partner Conference, and the 2012 Prominent CET Training.

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