Reco C. Collins
Vice President, Public Finance, PNC Bank

Reco began his work with NFTE Baltimore as a staff member at M&T Bank, which partnered with NFTE to adopt the Digital Harbor High School and provide business plan coaches, in 2006. Reco volunteered to enter the class and immediately enjoyed working with students on their plans.

In his five years as a NFTE volunteer, Reco Collins has provided service in every role possible. Starting as a business plan coach, transitioning to both an in-school and city-wide competition judge, as a guest speaker, and now serving on our local Entrepreneurs’ Council, Reco is comfortable and capable o handling any volunteer responsibility that comes his way. Since his start with NFTE, Reco has also worked on other student initiatives such as coaching students attending the Bad Boy Entertainment trip each year, and serving as a guest speaker to our male Alumni students during the 2010 “guy’s night.”

Reco completed his BA at Lafayette College where he majored in Economics and Business and minored in Africana Studies. He resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Tiffani.