Bruce and Glen Proctor are identical twin brothers who grew up in Washington DC.  Their drug addicted father was gone most of the time, often in and out of jail.  When he was home he worked construction jobs but their mother had to accompany him on payday to make sure that she had money for rent.  Even so, she struggled to make ends meet, often borrowing from relatives, and even their older sister helped by holding down a job.  The boys soon made up their minds that they didn’t want to struggle the way their parents had. 

In the fall of 2001, their junior year at Woodrow Wilson High School, the boys enrolled in NFTE.  As part of that class they launched “Twin Sports”, with which they accessorized the heads of one third of the school population with their uniquely designed head bands and hats.  They won their NFTE class, region-wide, and national competitions, and earned a total of over $10,000 in two years.  Most importantly, they walked away from that class feeling self-sufficient, and knowing that they could continue to feel that way if they continued to work together.  They paid for their college tuition, and now are co-owners of BruceGlen.

Before taking NFTE, Bruce and Glen were extremely shy and having to present their business plan was great for building their confidence. Learning to think with the entrepreneurial mindset has affected every area of their lives. “Once bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, the passion and spirit works its way into everything one day. It’s a leaders’ spirit and a fighting attitude.”