Xochitl (Kusikuy) Guzman
Create Awake
San Francisco, CA
NFTE Class of 1998

Before taking NFTE, Xochitl had no clear direction towards her life goals. “I was sixteen years old and thought the best thing to do was work for others and get a good job. I knew there was another way in which I could express my creative abilities. NFTE nurtured my gifts and allowed me to see that I could excel at using my creative mind for business.  After NFTE, I realized that one way to have personal power and contribute to my community was to have my own business by doing what I loved.” Xochitl realized that being an entrepreneur is a way of life, a way to look at the world. She can now see opportunities everywhere to create abundance from projects that she enjoys and helps the community.

While enrolled in the class, Xochitl did not have much support from her family and therefore, NFTE was an invaluable support to her development as a young woman. Besides teaching her business and entrepreneurial skills, she was given tremendous self-esteem and confidence in herself and her abilities to create a life of her dreams.

For the past four years, Xochitl has lived in all different parts of the world. She has been traveling through India and Thailand for the past three months learning to produce her jewelry there. She will be completing her first book by the end of the year and already has a publishing company. Also, she has been giving workshops for the past six years to empower women.

NFTE has been one of the most important programs in her development and she says the most important thing she learned from NFTE was to think out of the box and at the same time to learn the rules of business to use for her own benefit. Xochitl passes this advice on to future entrepreneurs: “Be a powerful creator of the life you love and one way to do that is by being an entrepreneur. If being an entrepreneur is a path you want to take, be humble, ask for help, learn from the people who are already doing what you want to do and always have a higher purpose to be of service to your community.”