Congratulations Ashish Thakkar, young entrepreneur of the year

November 14, 2013  |  8 comments

The World Entrepreneurship Forum named Ashish J. Thakkar the world’s best young entrepreneur this week.

At NFTE, we work every day to teach, spark and nurture the entrepreneurial mindset in young people that leads to success. So, we take special note of successes such as Thakkar.

His story is quite remarkable. From a 2012 Forbes profile:

Ashish J. Thakkar is only 30, but in less than two decades, the Ugandan-born maverick entrepreneur has accomplished what only few attain in their lifetime. Thakkar began his entrepreneurial journey over 15 years ago as a high school student in Uganda where he sold computers to his schoolmates and friends. That small trading operation snowballed into the Mara Group, a diversified conglomerate with approximately $100 million in revenues…

Starting your first business at 15 and running a world-wide business conglomerate may seem disconnected but they’re not. Learning the entrepreneurial mindset early is important. It teaches young people how to recognize and capitalize on opportunity – lessons that will stick with them their whole lives.

That’s why it’s essential that we make more young entrepreneurs – teaching them the drive and skills to turn their ambitions into reality.

Few people know that more personally than Thakkar. And it’s why he’s investing in entrepreneurship education around the world and why NFTE is looking forward to partnering with him and other visionaries to bring our programs to places such as China and communities throughout Africa.

Congratulations to Thakkar and the other entrepreneurs honored by the World Entrepreneurship Forum. And, on behalf of NFTE, thank you for your work and dedication to future entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders.

We look forward to seeing which of the more than 500,000 students NFTE has reached will be the next big success. 

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