Increasing Student Engagement

January 15, 2013  |  2 comments

“Our high school feels like an elementary school,” and that’s creating an engaged student body. Gallup recently released results from a student poll that show a dramatic decline in student engagement from elementary school to high school.

Called a “monumental, collective national failure” by Gallup’s Brandon Busteed, this issue won’t fix itself. What’s worse is that the students who are least likely to stay engaged have the greatest entrepreneurial spirit. Research shows NFTE’s experiential learning programs have a great impact on students. Harvard Graduate School of Education found that leadership behavior among NFTE students increased 8.5% as starters/founders of activities and 13.2% as leaders.

Plus, Gallup found that 45% of students in its recent study plan to open their own business someday. That compares to a Koch Foundation study of NFTE alumni that found 83% of NFTE alumni want to start their own business (compared to 57% of the control group), and 36% of NFTE alumni have actually started a business (compared to 9% for the control group).

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