NFTE-Sam’s Club Partner Day kicks off the school year at Bladensburg High School

September 6, 2013  |  9 comments

On September 4, at the start of the new school year, representatives from NFTE 
and Sam’s Club visited Bladensburg High School in Washington, D.C., for a NFTE-Sam’s Club Partner Day. The event also marked the launch of NFTE’s new alumni study The NFTE Difference, sponsored by Sam’s Club.  
Forty Bladensburg students, taking the NFTE program, participated in the event that featured speeches from Steve Schrobilgen, Vice President, Regional General Manager at Sam’s Club and NFTE alum Chanté Goodwin. Steve spoke about the importance of people, product and price in business, while Chanté shared her story of success and how maintaining connections to her NFTE network and mentor helped her get ahead.
Teams of students were then asked to present a plan to raise $2000 for their school by creating a business from 10 items they could purchase at Sam’s Club. 
Students browsed the Sam’s Club website and selected their items from the Sam’s Club online catalog. Then, with the assistance of mentors comprised of Sam’s Club representatives and Chanté, the students prepared a 2-3 minute presentation to sell their ideas to a panel of judges.  
Student ideas included Sno Your Roll, a Sno Cone business using Sno Cone machines and various flavors bought from Sam’s Club, while another business worked in lawn care and landscaping using gardening tools found in the store. Two winners were named: Nu Nu’s Cookies, a bakery that sells different flavors of cookies using pre-made cookie dough from Sam’s Club, and Throwdown Burger, a burger shop that offers a new take on the chili burger.  Both the winning businesses showed a superior understanding of their target audience, pricing and competitive advantage. The winners each received a $25 MasterCard gift card.  
The afternoon proved to be a great learning experience and a dynamic introduction to NFTE for the students, who are all just starting the program. Thanks to Bladensburg High School for hosting the event, and thanks to Sam’s Club for their continued support of young entrepreneurs! 
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