Resilient Dynamism at 2013 World Economic Forum

January 22, 2013  |  41 comments

The statistics are overwhelming:

  • 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 27
  • 1.5 billion people ages 15-29 are vying for only 300 million jobs

NFTE is bringing the solution to these horrific statistics, entrepreneurship education for all young people, to the 2013 World Economic Forum.

World leaders, CEOs, and experts from all industries, including education, are actively engaged here in Davos, Switzerland to create actionable plans for bringing about change. “Resilient Dynamism,” this year’s theme, is a topic that can mean many different things to everyone here. The very first topic on the global agenda is “how to get the economy back on a path to of stable growth and higher employment.”  While the answer to this question is the Holy Grail – top on the solutions list is long term answers to the soaring youth unemployment rates.

We need more entrepreneurs to drive growth, and we must constantly prepare future generations to become entrepreneurial leaders and thinkers. It’s critical that we teach young people to act and think like entrepreneurs. Most young people finish their formal education without even learning the basics of business or the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to pave a successful future. No wonder 6,000,000 people less than 25-years-old have already given up on getting a job!

NFTE CEO Amy Rosen is attending the 2013 World Economic Forum.

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