The Advanced Entrepreneur Seminar: The Real Business Week

July 20, 2010  |  13 comments
Steven and NFTE Founder Steve Mariottie

Our Advanced Entrepreneurship Seminar has become a hallmark of the kind of advanced training and support we aspire to provide our most promising, motivated NFTE graduates.  2010 will be the program’s 8th year as an intensive week-long experience held in New York for motivated alumni over the age of 18 with business plans that they want to strengthen and make operational.  It uses a case study format and interactive lesson plans taught by some of NFTE’s top Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher Instructors. Not only do students learn from NFTE, but they also learn from each other, sharing their business plans and offering constructive criticism to their peers.

AES student Steven Gordon loved his experience:

"The Advanced Entrepreneur Seminar 2010. There’s a reason it’s called “advanced”. The program throws emerging young entrepreneurs into the New York City life and follows up with an intense week worth of program. It is only the sixth day, and already we’ve been through so much. The first few days have just been a surplus of information from classes with Jamila Payne (a NFTE alumni) and Kene Turner (a NFTE teacher).

Other than classes at NFTE’s brand new Wall Street office, we had some hands-on learning that went on. For example, on the third day, we spent the whole day (and by whole days I mean 9 am to 5 pm!) just working on our presentation skills with real actors. It was so amazing that by the time we were finished, we were able to tell our stories with a passion that caused everyone to cry, even those who barely cry when they are alone.

That’s not all. On the fifth day, we were able to visit Maloney & Fox, a public relations firm that works with such companies as Microsoft and Tupperware. They gave us a full experience, even throwing us a challenge to come up with a way to promote one of their upcoming events.

The experience is breathtaking. I mean we have been all over New York, from the South Street Seaport to the new Goldman Sachs building on the West Side. The big city is great, but the entrepreneurs here are even more amazing. I mean how many college kids do you know that run their own business? The crowd is also very diverse; representing Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, California, Rhode Island, and New York (me!)."

Steven Gordon won the NFTE New York Metro business plan competition this year, and he will compete this October in the OppenheimerFunds/NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge for the title of best business plan and $10,000 in seed capital.

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The Advanced Entrepreneurship

The Advanced Entrepreneurship Seminar was indeed a great experience to be part of. It is so of the outmost importance that starting entrepreneurs take the gold advices of people like Steve Mariottie.

Sebastian Navarro from
Business Plan Format

It's an excellent program,

It's an excellent program, I'll have been talking about the Advanced Entrepreneurship Seminar, and it'll be the best chat with my pupils. I am an prominent professor at University of Nicaragua, and we are so interested in this kind of topics, so this'll be one of the best presentations in December.

The seminar was amazing. I

The seminar was amazing. I have just finished watching it and I was plesently surprised. Will there be any new seminars later in 2013? I would love to attend.

Best Regards
George@ banc de swiss

The National Foundation for

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (The National foundation for teaching entrepreneurship, referred to as NFTE) is a pioneer and leader in promoting entrepreneurship education popularization worldwide. Her founder Steve Marriott found in the actual process of teaching entrepreneurship education for students with a strong attraction to enhance students' self-confidence and enhance interest in learning, enhance the overall capacity has a huge role, more students in the future of self-reliance foundation. In 1987, Steve established the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, dedicated to youth entrepreneurship by teaching knowledge and skills that will help them to strengthen their business, learning and life skills to enable them to have self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliant life. Ten years, NFTE has helped more than 150,000 young people NFTE entrepreneurship courses opened in 14 cities in the United States, to establish a partnership outside the United States, 15 countries or regions coach factory online.

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