Entrepreneurship Education Can Change the Trajectory of a Life

Beyond teaching practical business skills, NFTE ignites a passion for learning and re-engages students in school, preparing them for college, career and the future of work. We enable students to own their futures by teaching them to think and act like entrepreneurs. The impact of a student’s NFTE experience can last a lifetime. Browse alumni stories to see the entrepreneurial mindset in action.

See for Yourself

Changing Life Trajectories

Zoe’s Story

Homelessness didn’t stop Zoe, whose innovative fashion line landed her on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. One of the youngest head designers at Macy’s is now a Design Director there.

Rodney’s Story

NFTE’s competitions and mentorship helped spark Rodney’s confidence. He overcame foster care and homelessness to become a successful author, educator and motivational speaker.

Carlos’ Story

Inspired by his experience using soap with harsh and damaging chemicals after moving to the United States from a farm in Brazil, Carlos created a line of all-natural soaps and lotions.

Kiera’s Story

Driven by her own pregnancy, Kiera created a fetal monitor business. Her NFTE experience reignited her passion for learning. She finished high school with an acceptance letter from Harvard.

Preparing for Work

Angela Ivana at a NFTE Showcase Event

Angela’s Story

Angela’s entrepreneurial mindset equipped her to pivot from a career in finance to a career in the beauty industry, where she blends artistry with advocacy.

Arti Shala

Arti’s Story

Arti’s wireless iPhone charging case won him an EY Youth Entrepreneur of the Year scholarship. He later ran an IT consulting business while in college and is now in cybersecurity.


Kaina’s Story

Kaina had the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. NFTE ignited the skills to launch two businesses and later work in product marketing.

Valery Perez

Valery’s Story

Valery’s successful balloon business led to financial stability for her family, won her awards, and opened up doors to a career as a financial analyst.

Owning Your Future

NFTE Los Angeles Alum Kelsey Johnson, Winner of the 2018 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey’s innovative business creating hair accessories for women of color led her to win the 2018 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.


Mathew’s Story

Through NFTE, Mathew launched a street fashion business at age 16. He initially earned $25,000 and felt empowered to own his future.

Andres Cordona 1

Andres’ Story

Andres, recipient of Florida’s Young Entrepreneur Award, overcame financial hardship by using startup skills to build a thriving coaching business.


Jennifer’s Story

From 17-year-old business owner to 26-year-old Entrepreneur of the Year, Jennifer now has two successful bakeries in the New England area.

Exploring Your Passion


Clifton’s Story

As an electrician’s apprentice, Clifton recognized opportunity in his field and created an innovative 3-in-1 tool, now with patent pending.

Keegan’s Story

An artist and designer whose work has been featured in People Magazine, NFTE helped Keegan effectively negotiate his worth as an artist.

TheMet Alumna Laura Martinelli

Laura’s Story

Laura always had a passion for film. Through NFTE, she gained the skills to market her talents as a successful documentary filmmaker.


Olivia’s Story

Olivia took a chance on pursuing her passion as an artist and it’s paid off. Her work is sought after by celebrity collectors around the country.

Igniting the Mindset

Dylan’s Story

Dylan combined his concern about the environment and his entrepreneurial mindset to go from keeping bees as a hobby to becoming Connecticut’s third largest beekeeper.

Dagim’s Story

NFTE helped Dagim recognize his natural leadership skills and ability to market himself. The result has been two career launching internships and success in product management.

Aaditya’s Story

Aaditya and Advay saw a real problem with the health and safety of milk production in their home country of India and developed a device that monitors adulterated milk concentrations.

Jose’s Story

At age 16, Jose wanted to help his autistic brother access anxiety relieving fidgets. The high school junior later transformed his T-shirt design into a viable business, an apparel company.