Dr. J.D. LaRock, NFTE President & CEO, presented alongside Kene Turner, NFTE Director of National Postsecondary and Alumni Programs, at the 2021 National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship conference in Minneapolis, MN.  In a time of massive reinvention and limitless opportunity, we are still not sufficiently rising to the challenge of rethinking how we adequately prepare students for success in the workforce. Even before the pandemic put an uncertain lens on the jobs of tomorrow, research was showing that only forty percent of students who graduated high school are ready to engage in rigorous coursework in a postsecondary setting. Dr. LaRock and Mr. Turner presented on NFTE’s growing efforts to provide innovative approaches to experiential instruction at the postsecondary level as well as the support that NFTE can provide to community colleges to help them ensure that they are sufficiently preparing their students to be successful when they enter the local workforce.