Summer at NFTE means it’s time to welcome a new cohort of NFTE Fellows! This year, 10 interns have joined our team through the NFTE Entrepreneurial Fellows Program, made possible with generous support from the Citi Foundation.

During their time with us, these motivated, diverse alumni are deepening the skills they’ve learned as NFTE students to support our mission across every part of the organization. They receive professional development, learn about NFTE program implementation, and also provide valuable mentorship to our current NFTE students. These awesome alumni are an important part of NFTE’s secret sauce!

Our Fellows are eagerly contributing to the work that we do — sharing valuable insights on staff calls, leading BizCamps across the country, hosting NFTE News shows on our new Twitch channel, and even presenting on our behalf at national conferences. We welcome the Fellows and encourage their voices!

Take a moment to read about all of them here.