Schools may be closed but that didn’t stop NFTE students from refining their business plans and pitches. Three businesses made it to the final round of competition in the 2020 Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. Here are the results:

  • Jyoti Rani, age 17, a student at Oak Grove High School, took first place with a pitch for ShareStuff, an international online platform that facilitates eco-friendly donations of educational and children’s materials.
  • Avi Goel, age 16, a student at Silver Creek High School, took second place with a pitch for GeoGenius, which provides geography expertise when needed.
  • Dora Men, age 18, a student at Silver Creek High School, finished third with a pitch for Refillery Barn, which offers a plastic-free, weigh-and-pay shopping experience that allows you to restock your pantry with high-quality, ethically sourced products, without wasteful packaging.

Jyoti Rani and Avi Goel, the top two finishers, have qualified to compete in Nationals this year. They advance to the quarterfinal rounds in the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge this October.