Schools may be closed but that didn’t stop NFTE students from refining their business plans and pitches. Three businesses made it to the final round of competition in the 2020 New England Metro Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. Here are the results:

  • Jose Rodriguez, age 16, from The Met School, took first place with a business pitch for Tasium, which creates fidget-infused clothing that helps those with autism stay focused and concentrated in their daily lives.
  • Laysa Mourao, age 15, from Framingham High School, took second place with a pitch for Equip, a cleat guard that allows athletes to walk with cleats while protecting their studes and keeping their surroundings clean.
  • Alexander Arabadzhiev, age 15, from Barnstable High School, finished in third place with a pitch for Home Cookin’ Hub, which provides a variety of local and ethnic cuisine made by local “home chefs.”

Jose Rodriguez and Laysa Mourao, the top two finishers, have qualified to compete in Nationals this year. They advance to the quarterfinal rounds in the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge this October.