Playing Games in the Classroom

January 21, 2011  |  7 comments

Today we’d like to showcase a class that is putting into action one of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s many games that teach students about some of the skills involved in being an entrepreneur.  See Mrs. Parks’s 7th grade class playing the Innovation Game here and be sure to check out her blog which she’ll be writing over the next 9 weeks about the entrepreneurship project she’s doing in her class.

You can see photos of Mrs. Parks's students participating in the game here.




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wow great video, what I can

wow great video, what I can see here is, the great team work, it is always work fine as a team.

there's a study in labs about

there's a study in labs about this and some people agree that this doesn't work anymore because kids are more focused in video games and go to parties with friends, fashion and boyfriends or girlfriends, is very sad that kids want to grown up so fast.

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