Presidential recognition for NFTE

February 7, 2012  |  343 comments

During today’s White House Science Fair, President Obama recognized the work of NFTE and of Hayley Hoverter, winner of the 2011 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, presented by MasterCard Worldwide.

Hayley met with President Obama and showcased her product, Sweet (dis)SOLVE, for him. He then singled-out Hayley during a speech about the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math education.

“Some of you, that means developing new products that will change the way we live. So Hayley Hoverter -- where’s Hayley? There she is, right over here -- invented a new type of sugar packet that dissolves in hot water. It’s flavorless, it’s colorless, and potentially could save up to 2 million pounds of trash each year -- and that’s just at Starbucks. So MasterCard has already awarded her $10,000 to help turn her idea into a business.” said the President.

Rick Cruz, NFTE Chief of Field Operations, also attended the event and said Sweet (dis)SOLVE “clearly stood out as a ‘product’ and a business. Several people in the crowd noted how great her exhibit was.” In addition, Hayley had an opportunity to talk speak with “Bill Nye the Science Guy” while awaiting the President’s speech.

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