Since she was a little girl, Stephanie Foxworth has dreamed of owning multiple businesses. One of her most ambitious plans involved building an amusement park. When that proved a bit beyond the parameters of the NFTE BizCamp she was taking, she focused on one component of it: making and selling chocolate covered apples.

“I want to remind customers how important it is to seek out joyous moments while living life,” says Stephanie. “I feel I need to provide the world with an arrangement of fun, since I didn’t have too much fun in my adolescent years. Too many vendors sell items that generate profit, but fail to meet the customer’s health needs. Elaborate Dips adds fun to nutrition.”

Stephanie’s life has been filled with challenges. When her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Stephanie had to learn to take care of herself.  She found it difficult to succeed in school, because she was preoccupied with trying to make money for food and clothing. Then an altogether different kind of challenge came along.

“At sixteen, I had a baby boy,” she reveals. “This was a good challenge, significant to making me the person I am today. Having my son gave me the motivation to finish high school and further my education. I was no longer living for myself alone—I have a baby boy to set an example for, and I refuse to fail him.”

Stephanie’s customers have been thrilled with her chocolate covered fruit, and her family is completely supportive of her endeavors. The most rewarding thing for Stephanie has been seeing her plans come to life and prosper. Stephanie was named the NFTE Northeast Ohio Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012.

An added benefit of entrepreneurship is that she can make money from home, while being a full time student at the University of Akron. With a double major in Media Production and Television/Radio and a minor in Business, she hopes to someday be a news anchor.

“My life before NFTE was full of empty dreams and aspirations. After my NFTE experience, my dreams became goals and my fantasies became reality.”