NFTE awards over $24,000 to young entrepreneurs addressing global challenges through innovative solutions

NEW YORK, NY, April 17, 2023 – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a global education nonprofit that ignites the entrepreneurial mindset of the next generation of diverse leaders, selected the winners of the 2022-2023 World Series of Innovation Competition (WSI), presented by Citi Foundation. Thirty groups were chosen based on their innovative solutions to 10 challenges in specific areas, including sustainability, education and economic development—all aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By offering $24,000 to young entrepreneurs around the world, NFTE continues to empower future generations to build a better tomorrow for our communities.

“Each year, WSI awards us the opportunity to gather brilliant young minds and watch them flourish as they come together to devise solutions to some of the most critical issues facing our world today,” said Dr. J.D. LaRock, president and CEO of NFTE. “We’re proud to offer a space that encourages creativity and innovation in our students and rewards them for tackling complex issues such as social and environmental justice, equity and poverty. This year’s winners are a prime example of what young people are capable of when given the resources to thrive.”

Overall, 1,249 groups worldwide submitted ideas for this year’s WSI challenge. The winners from each category were selected by a blind judging system from within the NFTE community, with first-place winners receiving $1,500, second-place winners receiving $600 and third-place winners receiving $300. WSI’s 10 categories were supported by Citi Foundation, Ernst & Young LLP (EY US), Mary Kay, Mastercard, Maxar, MetLife Foundation, Link Logistics, ServiceNow and Zuora. In alignment with UN SDGs, NFTE and its partner companies continue to invest in young entrepreneurs of all backgrounds with opportunities and pathways toward advancement.

“We are honored to support NFTE’s 2023 World Series of Innovation, a challenge that shapes future leaders worldwide through fostering creativity and innovation,” said Pam Habner, CEO of U.S. Branded Cards and Lending at Citi. “This challenge, presented by the Citi Foundation, provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to practice key leadership skills while engaging in thought-provoking conversations about real issues. We are proud of this year’s winners for using their full potential when creating a solution for the future of work. We look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the future.”

2023 World Series of Innovation Competition winners:

Fresh Water Action Challenge
DyCon, 1st place
Better Kitchen Sink, 2nd place
Aquality, 3rd place

Citi Foundation Future of Work Challenge
Cubifold, 1st place
Speech2Sign, 2nd place
Certifi, 3rd place

EY Accelerating Environmental Sustainability Challenge
FlexCharge, 1st place
Wonnit, 2nd place
pPower, 3rd place

Link Logistics Green Building Challenge
VanGreen, 1st place
Seaweed Solutions, 2nd place
Pure Eco, 3rd place

Mary Kay Global Oceans Conservation Challenge
Angel Gear, 1st place
Saving The Superstars of The Global Ecosystem, 2nd place
Reversify, 3rd place

Mastercard Financial Education Challenge
Project Radha, 1st place
$amigo, 2nd place
PocketPal, 3rd place

Maxar Climate Mapping Challenge
GeoMosquito, 1st place
20/5 Vision, 2nd place
SaVR, 3rd place

MetLife Foundation Good Health and Well-Being Challenge
MADS, 1st place
Impatch, 2nd place
UmeedVR, 3rd place

ServiceNow Carbon Killer Challenge
Go Green Filter, 1st place
Fire Guys, 2nd place
FoodPrint AI, 3rd place

Zuora Subscription Economy Challenge
Clove, 1st place
Relivery, 2nd place
Refillist, 3rd place

WSI is a core component of NFTE’s mission to inspire younger generations to creatively and strategically solve global challenges. Through their in-depth programming and educational training, NFTE fosters entrepreneurship and 21st-century skills in youth from low-income communities across several countries. More information on WSI, the winners, the prizes and the sponsors can be found at

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