The Entrepreneurial Mindset, written by Kyle Garman, draws upon learning methods and case studies from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which has reached over 1 million students. Buy the book and help NFTE prepare the next generation for the future of work. All proceeds from book sales support NFTE's mission.

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Preparing Our Next Generation for The Future of Work

100% of proceeds from the book go directly to NFTE to support its mission.

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What kind of mindset is needed to thrive in a future being transformed by exponentially advancing technology and threats ranging from pandemics to climate change? Answer: The Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Many proclaim that STEM education is the best preparation for the 21st century economy. But STEM is not enough. To flourish in the future of work, the 8 domains of the Entrepreneurial Mindset are essential. And the best way for young people to build this mindset is through project-based entrepreneurship education.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset explores the intersection between the future of work and education. Readers will be inspired by real-life stories and in-depth research on how―and why―project-based entrepreneurship education changes the trajectories of students’ lives.

Young people, parents, educators, students, entrepreneurs, investors, business and public sector leaders, school board members and administrators, researchers, and everyone interested in preparing our next generation for the future of work will benefit from this book.

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“A masterpiece for the 21st century.”

Steve Mariotti
Founder, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship