NFTE’s Unique Advantage

Inspirational classroom leaders in the United States and around the globe are essential to the NFTE experience because they model the entrepreneurial mindset and startup skills as they teach their students. These educators—along with schools, districts, colleges, community-based organizations and others—partner with NFTE to access a vibrant community of teachers, volunteers, and students all dedicated to building the entrepreneurial mindset. This talented NFTE Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps receives robust training and high-quality professional development to deliver our model with fidelity.

NFTE Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps:

Our model encompasses NFTE Entrepreneurship Pathway courses, which are modular and can be added to existing courses, offered as a stand-alone course, or included in after-school and summer programs. Pathways range from 20-180 hours. NFTE educators can …

  • Save time with our modular curriculum: Standards-aligned, plug and-play lesson plans along with student materials and assessments streamline the implementation of real-world, project-based learning.
  • Access educator support: Hands-on training and ongoing teacher support, including locally-based representatives and communities of practice, set teachers up for long-term implementation success.
  • Earn industry-recognized certification badges: Enhance your professional acumen by completing the requisite training programs for the NFTE University and Start It Up! educator badges. Your NFTE classroom also prepares students for recognized, real-world readiness credentials that can be leveraged for higher education or career opportunities.

Empower Your Students

Educators who want what is best for their students choose NFTE. Their students are not only engaged in learning, but they see the real-world value of education. Ways NFTE helps …

  • Entrepreneurship competitions: Regional, national, and global competitions help students refine their ideas and presentation skills and offer the chance to win seed capital to launch their business or pursue educational goals.
  • Community engagement: Networking, mentoring, internships, and field trips connect students with successful businesspeople from similar backgrounds, expanding their opportunities before and after graduation.
  • Alumni services: Scholarships, internships, events, and a vibrant community provide ongoing support to NFTE alumni to build successful careers.

NFTE University (NFTE U)

NFTE U educator training includes effective techniques for delivering our curriculum with fidelity. Learn professional practices. Gain a thorough understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. Experience course content just as a NFTE student would; even learn how to pitch your own business idea!

Upon successful completion, become a full member of the NFTE Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps with access to ongoing professional development, recognition and leadership opportunities, and support services such as summits, in-person training, webinars, and on-demand digital content. Professional Learning Communities run by NFTE program staff in collaboration with experienced NFTE educators create a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative practice.

Danice Ferguson

Sr. Manager, Training & Professional Development

Sign Up for NFTE U

For educators seeking to join the NFTE Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps, email [email protected] for training details. Current members, please click “sign up” for upcoming NFTE U courses.

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