In a world where innovation and adaptability are crucial for success, entrepreneurship education has become a vital tool for shaping future business leaders. Renjini Nair, a Business Management and Economics Teacher at ACS International School Doha in Qatar, has been at the forefront of this entrepreneurship education journey with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

With over two decades of international teaching experience, Renjini Nair was eager to explore skill-based courses. NFTE’s entrepreneurship course offered an exciting opportunity to shape future business leaders. “Introducing this course at ACS Doha, the first course established in Qatar and globally, challenged conventional teaching methods, emphasizing skill over tradition,” Renjini shares.

Entrepreneurship education has had a profound impact on Renjini’s students, fostering confidence, creativity, critical thinking, and resilience. “It equips them with practical skills to navigate the business world and encourages innovation. This mindset influences their future aspirations, whether in entrepreneurship or applying entrepreneurial thinking in various life aspects,” she explains.

One of the most memorable moments for Renjini has been witnessing her students’ success.

“In three consecutive graduate batches, students presented innovative business ideas using Lean Canvas, fostering innovation, adaptability, and social responsibility. Many Qatar-based students launched successful businesses post-graduation or assumed family business roles. Positive feedback and increased enrollment reflect the course’s success,” she proudly shares.

Beyond business skills, Renjini aims for her students to adopt innovation, adaptability, and social responsibility mindsets crucial for success in our dynamic world. Her message for aspiring entrepreneurs and future business leaders is simple yet powerful: “Embrace the journey; entrepreneurship is about problem-solving, adding value, and making a positive impact. Be self-reliant, and future-oriented, embrace risk, and remember that creative thinking shapes the world.”

With a presence in 28 countries and partnerships with 33 organizations, we are proud to have educators like Nair as part of NFTE’s global network, making a lasting impact on the lives of young entrepreneurs. Through her partnership with NFTE, Renjini is not only imparting valuable business skills but also instilling an entrepreneurial mindset that will shape the world’s future leaders.