NEW YORK, NY, January 20, 2023 – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a global nonprofit that has been igniting the entrepreneurial mindset in young people since 1987, has been selected as one of The World Economic Forum’s Education 4.0 Lighthouses. Awarded for its World Series of Innovation (WSI), an initiative centered on challenging young minds to solve some of the biggest challenges humanity faces, NFTE is committed to creating unique learning experiences that empower students to own their futures.

“We’re honored to be among this group of leaders revolutionizing and modernizing education,” said Dr. J.D. LaRock, president and CEO of NFTE. “Global entrepreneurship education initiatives like WSI are catalysts for change in the 21st century and uplift marginalized communities. WSI is rooted in advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and can help cultivate a future of peace, prosperity, equity and sustainability through the power of youth engagement. We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with visionaries paving the way for transformational change.”

Ahead of this year’s summit in Davos, as leaders reshape learning for youth, The World Economic Forum’s Education 4.0 Alliance selected 16 organizations as Education 4.0 Lighthouses that represent innovators employing forward-thinking and transformative practices to reimagine the childhood learning experience. These organizations actively scale and bring visibility to policies, practices and collaborations, igniting progress toward future-ready learning and providing inspiration to anyone wishing to improve the quality of education.

Each fall, NFTE’s WSI initiative invites young people to help change the world through entrepreneurial thinking by submitting innovative ideas for solutions to the world’s most pressing issues, such as eradicating poverty and achieving equality and justice. The initiative’s mission is to advance 17 UN goals that together form a roadmap to a better future and call for the protection of the planet and equity for all. In 2022, youth from 65 countries answered the call. Finalists among this year’s 1,249 submissions representing 59 countries will be announced Feb. 10 at With anyone age 13-24 eligible to submit ideas, NFTE upholds that youth engagement is the solution to advancing the future of education.

WSI is one of many initiatives driving the organization’s goal to institute innovative, educational frameworks, and NFTE hopes to continue to open its doors to other regions of the world and be a leader in expanding diversity in education. NFTE continues to influence future generations by offering resources outside of traditional education to all communities.

For media inquiries regarding NFTE, please contact Lisa Burkert at 917-929-0123 or [email protected]; or Denise Berkhalter at 917-281-4362 or [email protected].

About NFTE

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) ignites the entrepreneurial mindset with unique learning experiences that empower students to own their futures. A global nonprofit founded in 1987, NFTE provides high-quality entrepreneurship education to middle school, high school, and postsecondary students. NFTE brings the power of entrepreneurship to students, regardless of family income, community resources, special needs, gender identity, race, or ethnicity. NFTE has educated more than a million students, delivering our programs in school, out of school, in-person, online, or through hybrid models. Visit to learn more.