Our latest policy brief in the NFTE Nexus series addresses Boosting Small Business Growth: Navigating Policy Complexities and Government Support.

America is home to over 33 million small businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has further fueled this drive, with
the 5.5 million businesses started in 2023 representing a 50% increase over those founded in 2019.

May is Small Business Month and serves as a crucial time to emphasize the essential role small businesses play in stimulating economic growth and cultivating innovation within communities across the nation. It provides an invaluable opportunity not only to celebrate the contributions of small businesses but also to scrutinize how complex policies impede entrepreneurial success, as well as showcase government partnerships aimed at ensuring the longevity of this vital industry.

By examining these policies and collaborations, we can better understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and work towards creating a more supportive environment for their endeavors.