Henry Mack (Florida Department of Education), Carmen Garcia (Miami Dade County Public Schools), Andy Park (EY), and J.D. LaRock (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) discussed The Power of Entrepreneurship Education to Connect Kids to Their Passions and Reduce Postsecondary and Career Mismatches at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.

One of the most important aims of middle and high school is to help young learners identify postsecondary and career experiences that meaningfully connect with who they are. But old-school career exploration and job-specific education only goes so far. This panel showed how entrepreneurship education—a model that starts by identifying a student’s passions and builds from there—is among the most effective ways to help students match with postsecondary and career paths that truly resonate.

The panel, organized by American Student Assistance (ASA) and NFTE, spotlighted a large entrepreneurship education initiative reaching 18,000 students across Florida, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina, with the support of ASA and other major governmental and employer partners.

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