NFTE’s mission and model is becoming more and more well-known to students, policy makers, organizational leaders, and educators around the globe. In fact, NFTE is now in 20 countries around the world including the U.S. These partners range from non-governmental organizations to schools, government entities, and for-profit institutions. But the mission and the work is the same for all of them — to bring the benefits of entrepreneurship education to diverse and underserved communities around the world.

The latest chapter in these efforts took place from June 20-27 in East Jerusalem and Ramallah. Through a partnership with the U.S. State Department’s Office of Palestinian Affairs, NFTE conducted interactive and engaging training for Palestinian educators from Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank led by NFTE Southeast Program Manager Daniel L. Williams II and NFTE Southeast Administrator Brooke Smith. The training helped 50 teachers build on their project-based learning and lean startup knowledge, as well as equip them with the necessary skills to implement NFTE programming in their home schools and promote an entrepreneurial mindset in their students.

Thanks to the growing ecosystem in the region, NFTE was grateful to have the support of Station J and Flow Accelerator to also be able to connect the educators to a community of resources and support the mission of serving young entrepreneurs throughout Palestine.

“This has been a Top 10 experience,” said Williams, “I learned even more than I taught and will forever be grateful for this opportunity to positively impact lives through sharing the potential of the entrepreneurial mindset! Wow!”