In observance of November as National Entrepreneurship Month, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) released a policy brief titled “Tackling Gender Disparities in Entrepreneurship.”

As the report states, “starting a business, namely one that is profitable and successful, is not a path for the faint of heart. This is especially true for women. The social and economic challenges faced by women in entrepreneurship, especially those from lower socioeconomic status, are more abundant and more persistent than those faced by men who have pursued entrepreneurship.”

Early supports, like NFTE, can reduce barriers experienced by women. These barriers often hinder women’s entrepreneurial ambitions. NFTE examined data from female and male students who completed its program in school year 2020-21. The findings show:

  • Females end with higher post-assessment scores and greater growth in entrepreneurial mindset than males;
  • Females have greater entrepreneurial self-efficacy than males; and
  • Gender differences in entrepreneurial intentions shrinks by the end of the program.

Together, these findings suggest that investment in entrepreneurship and career-building programs can empower young girls and women to pursue entrepreneurial careers and own their futures.

Read the full policy brief here.