In September 2023, NFTE President and CEO J.D. LaRock and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) launched Re-Dream NFTE, an initiative aimed at re-invigorating and re-imagining our organization. The voluntary opportunity encouraged staff to play a role in shaping NFTE’s future.

The Purpose Behind Re-Dream

Re-Dream NFTE was created to:

  • Foster creativity in implementing the new partnership with the American Student Assistance (ASA).
  • Move beyond year-by-year financial stability to long-term stability.
  • Build the next generation of leadership at NFTE.
  • Keep pace with the rapidly changing education landscape.

Current Stage and Achievements

The initiative has just finished presenting recommendations to the SLT and NFTE staff and is entering the implementation planning stage. Over half the staff volunteered to serve on a committee, demonstrating a strong commitment to the initiative’s principles. Committees have put forth robust recommendations, and NFTE has secured buy-in from the Board, senior leaders, and staff.

Looking Ahead

In the coming months, Re-Dream aims to lay out an overall plan that coordinates efforts across all committees and begins implementation this spring.

Proposed Changes and Innovations

The committees have proposed various changes and innovations, including:

  • A shortened core course to meet market demands (Programmatic Innovation Committee).
  • Adding key staff to the SLT and updating the weekly meeting structure of this team (SLT Composition Committee).
  • Changes to the hiring process and additional staff training opportunities (HR/Personnel Innovation Committee).
  • A multilayered strategic plan for fundraising (Funding Our Future Committee).
  • Establishing a for-profit spinoff and a proof-of-concept effort within the Enterprise Division (NewCo Committee).

As Re-Dream NFTE continues to evolve, the organization remains committed to empowering its staff and innovating for a future in entrepreneurship education.