Are you ready to ignite an entrepreneurial mindset in young people and help them achieve success?

NFTE New England, a regional office of Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, is here to help you do just that!

NFTE New England, founded in 1991, marked the inaugural expansion beyond the NFTE New York Metro headquarters. Starting with a modest group of students engaged in a summer program in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the region has since grown to serve nearly 1,500 young people each year. Its impact has extended throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, with an impressive record of having activated the entrepreneurial mindset of more than 23,000 students to date.

By investing in the future of underserved youth, we’re creating a more vibrant society and positively impacting the lives of our young neighbors. Contact us if you’re interested in bringing NFTE programming to your neighborhood.

The Road to Nationals

Our premiere annual event is the NFTE New England Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge finals, part of our region’s Youth Business Competition series. Our communities come together to celebrate amazing young entrepreneurs—as well as their teachers, school leaders and volunteer coaches who prioritize entrepreneurship education to launch the next generation of diverse entrepreneurial leaders.

Attend this and other epic NFTE New England events to witness thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers in action. Watch as our region empowers young people by working alongside them on #TheRoadtoNationals.