Design for Delight (D4D)

Design for Delight is a series of three principles: Deep Customer Empathy, Go Broad to Go Narrow (brainstorming), and Rapid Experiments with Customers (prototyping).

Access the Educator Course online and download the folder below which provides lesson plans and details to facilitate Design Thinking with your students.

QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Access educator training and more resources in the online toolkit.

Download the folder below for lesson plans and details to incorporate using QuickBooks Online with your students, allowing them to understand their business financials and practice using the QuickBooks software.

Financial Literacy

Access tools and lessons to teach students about personal budgeting, filing taxes, and credit scores from our friends at Intuit.

Please reach out to your NFTE program office if you have questions regarding these lessons and tools.

Complete the form below to request a download link for the Design for Delight folder and/or the Quickbooks Online folder.