Schools may be closed but that didn’t stop NFTE students from refining their business plans and pitches. Three businesses made it to the final round of competition in the 2020 North Texas Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. Here are the results:

  • Edie Stenick, age 12 from Henry Longfellow Academy in Dallas, took first place with a business pitch for Pain Freeze, a two-part adhesive ice pack.
  • Melissa Alfaro, age 13, and Adriel Resendiz, age 13, from School for the Highly Gifted in Grand Prairie, took second place with a pitch for Kapsular, a pea-sized capsule filled with the U.S.-recommended amount of toothpaste.
  • Desiree Hernandez, age 11, from Nimitz Nigh School in Irving, finished third with a pitch for Bariatric Snap Meals, a meal service with food cooked to fit your dietary needs.

Edie Stenick, Melissa Alfaro and Adriel Resendiz, the top finishers, have qualified to compete in Nationals this year. They advance to the quarterfinal rounds in the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge this October.