At the center of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) are volunteers who give their time and expertise to coach future business leaders. Today, we’re excited to share insights from Judy Stewart, a long-time NFTE volunteer, as she discusses her experiences and the impact of her work with NFTE.

Judy Stewart was CEO of several fashion companies and later owned a Management Consulting business specializing in strategic planning for profitable growth. She has experience working with companies ranging from start ups to billion $ businesses.  NFTE is her favorite charity and over the past decade, she has witnessed firsthand NFTE’s growth and curriculum modernization and its meaningful impact on students. 

When asked about her most rewarding experiences, Judy finds it difficult to pinpoint just one. “It excites me to see the students grow through the entrepreneurial process as they gain confidence, learn life skills, understand what it is to be a leader, and do the critical research needed to deliver a dynamic business concept,” she explains. “You can actually see the excitement building in their eyes!”

Judy believes her work with NFTE helps create positive change, one student at a time. She shares, “I truly feel that the world will be a better place when it is run by this young socially conscious generation that has so many meaningful and creative ideas to help others and to save the world’s natural resources.” This perspective underscores the potential long-term impact of volunteering with NFTE, as today’s students become tomorrow’s business leaders and innovators.

She points out, “All professionals will benefit by taking time to help young students create businesses. It is a great way to give back. The coaching experience is an engaging social and learning journey for the student as well as the mentor…it ignites both people.” Judy emphasizes that volunteering with NFTE is not just about teaching—it’s also a motivational experience for the volunteers themselves.

The world needs more individuals like Judy Stewart—professionals willing to share their expertise, ignite young minds, and foster a new generation of socially conscious entrepreneurs. Judy Stewart has served as a virtual and in-person guest speaker, coach, and judge, and has volunteered almost 4,000 hours with NFTE since 2012. If you’re inspired to make a difference, take the first step today. Visit and join the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s volunteer cohort!